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Rubber Sealing Ring

  • V-type Rubber Ring

    V-type Rubber Ring

    V-type rubber ring is mainly used for the main seal of ball valve, and the materials are high-strength special fluororubber and ordinary fluororubber for customers to choose.

  • O-type Rubber Ring

    O-type Rubber Ring

    O-type rubber ring is a kind of rubber ring with circular cross section. Because its cross section is O-shaped, it is called O-type rubber ring. (such as dynamic and static seals of water, oil, air, chemical gas, etc.)

  • Rubber Sealing Ring

    Rubber Sealing Ring

    Rubber sealing ring is mainly used for mechanical parts to prevent the leakage of liquid and gas media under static conditions. In some cases, it can also be used as a dynamic sealing element for axial reciprocating and low-speed rotating motion. Depending on the rubber material, the general use temperature can be from -55 ℃ to 250 ℃. It has good heat resistance, ozone resistance, oil resistance, vacuum resistance and various chemical corrosion resistance etc.