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《VALVE》Journal the Sixth Session of the Technical Committee and the first working meeting was held in Shanghai

On November 26, 2021, the sixth session of the Technical Committee and the first working meeting of the 《VALVE》 Journal was held in Jiading District, Shanghai. The meeting is sponsored by 《VALVE》Magazine of Shenyang Valve Research Institute, and undertaken by Valve Branch of Shanghai General Machinery Industry Association and Fluid Engineering Branch of Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society.

Bin Xiao, Director of Shenyang Valve Research Institute and President of 《VALVE》Magazine, Xuan Zhang, Technical Director of Shenyang Shengshi Wuhuan Technology Co., Ltd.; Mingya Huang, Deputy Chief Engineer of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd.; Heng Yang, Vice President of Shanghai General Machinery Industry Association and President of Valve Branch; Shijie Wang, Vice President of Shenyang University of Technology; Jianyu Wang, Deputy Chief Engineer of Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd. China, and more than 40 members from all over the country attended the meeting.


At Meeting, Mr. Bin Xiao, President of《VALVE》Magazine, reviewed and summarized the work over the past 11 years, from the academic quality, personnel ability, circulation and reader reading preference, in-depth analysis of the current journal construction facing the shortage and pressure, and the future development of journal deployment. Focus on starting from six aspects, including editing ability, journal form, technical committee construction, business model, editing and reading interaction, and conference communication. Enhance the information, service and communication function of journals, pay close attention to journal construction, and make it a first-class scientific and technological journal.

Mr. Heng Yang, vice President of Shanghai General Machinery Industry Association and President of Valve Branch, delivered a speech; he made the analysis and judgment of the development situation of the valve industry, prospect and message on the future construction of valve journal. He hopes that through the efforts of this technical committee, the 《VALVE》 journal will be built into a new media platform for the deep integration of industry, university, research and application of fluid machinery industry, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the valve industry, lead the innovation and development of the industry to make greater contribution.


The meeting announced the list of the sixth Technical Committee of the 《VALVE》 and issued the letter of appointment, and read out the work regulations of the sixth Technical Committee.


Mr. Jianyu Wang, vice chairman, deputy chief engineer of Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Company, delivered a speech as a representative.


The meeting focused on the topic selection and sources of manuscripts, the construction of first-class scientific and technological journals and expanding their influence. In his speech, Mr. Mingya Huang, deputy chief engineer of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd., put forward many valuable suggestions from the improvement of academic level and journal quality construction, and gave ardent hope for the construction of valve journals. The delegates also actively spoke freely and offered suggestions to put forward valuable suggestions for the future positioning, service and operation of the journal.


At meeting, Mr. Fengnian Liu of Shanghai Karon Eco-Valve Manufacturing Co., LTD, an elected editorial board member, introduced and publicized the "13th World Water Conference", first held in mainland China from October 13th -15th , 2022. The conference is held every three years, and by now, more than 30 countries have participated in and supported it, which is the “Olympic Congress in the Water Industry". The water conference is organized by the World Water Association and China Construction Metal Structure Association, and organized by the Water Supply and Drainage Equipment Branch of China Construction Metal Structure Association and Shanghai Environment and Water Manufacturing Industry Innovation Center. Delegates have expressed that they would actively participate in the water conference

This transition meeting is a grand event in the development history of 《VALVE》 Journal. Starting from the whole industry, more technical committee members are newly included in the subdivided field, making this technical committee more representative of the industry and covering a wider range. There is both the excellent inheritance of the old generation of technicians and the continuous innovation of the new generation of technicians, which has an important influence and significance on the future development and construction of journals. It is believed that with the full support of the new technical committee, the journal construction will surely enter a new stage of development and create a new future in the valve industry.


Post time: Dec-20-2021