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Shanghai has fully resumed the normal production and life order in the whole city



 Since June 1, Shanghai has fully resumed the normal production and life order in the whole city

1. From June 1, Shanghai will enter the stage of comprehensive and orderly resumption of work, production and business, and restoration of normal production and living order. The review and approval of enterprises’ resumption of work and production will be cancelled. Actively create conditions for the large number of small, medium and micro enterprises to return to work and production in an all-round way, so that employees can commute to and from work normally.
2. From June 1, Shanghai Bund central shopping mall will resume business step by step and orderly. By June 15, more than one dozen merchants will gradually resume business.
3. At present, the epidemic prevention and control work in Shanghai has achieved important stage results. In response to the actual difficulties of enterprises, the “five insurances and one fund” and taxes will be postponed in stages, and the scope of house rent reduction and exemption will be expanded. Individual consumers who replace pure electric vehicles will be given a one-time subsidy of 10000yuan. We will implement various support policies to support internship subsidies for college graduates, job search and entrepreneurship subsidies, etc.
4. Since June, people leaving Shanghai must provide the negative proof of nucleic acid test within 48 hours and the negative proof of antigen test within 24 hours. Many places in Shanghai have also implemented various measures to help stranded passengers return home.






Post time: May-31-2022